Even Mix™

Even Mix™ offers innovative solution for Drum Mixers, Pail Mixers & IBC Tote Mixers

Even Mix™ offers advanced mixing technology for drum mixers, pail mixers & IBC mixers. With Even Mix™, we have used aerospace engineering techniques to design pump technology into our variable pitch blades, bringing true mixing technology to in-drum liquids.

We have also brought a system that allows the installation and use of mixing blades that don't require a pin to be installed on the bottom of the drum, which creates options for our customers to use drum liners and install the mixing blades into plastic drums.


Why Even Mix™?

• Lightweight - 9 pounds with Air Motor
• Superior Mixing - Mixes vertically and horizontally
• Powerful - Tested up to 50,000 cps
• Product warranty and return policy
• Electric motor coming Fall 2016

Client Testimonials

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Nick Salvatore Pond Biologics, LLC
“I've had my IBC Mixer for 12 months and it has exceeded all my expectations. Based on my experience with mixers, I can say that Even Mix™ is light, easy to use, and it works great.  I'm buying another one!”

Even Mix™ – It IS Rocket Science!

Even Mix™ offers innovative IBC, drum, and pail mixers using our mixed-flow blade. The advanced team at Even Mix™ features a rocket scientist to ensure the quality of our products. Our R&D leader, Dan Shramo, was an engineer at NASA. Dan designed our patent pending mixing blade and the motors that power it. We tested their durability and mixing performance against various industry leading blades and heavy liquids.

Result: Even Mix™ has the best performance AND the lowest weight.

It does not take a rocket scientist to test the quality of our products, -but we brought you one anyway!

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